The L&C BIO Way

L&C BIO makes the health and happiness of mankind based on our mission to improve quality of life and provide better value to our customers.
This L&C BIO’s effort starts with the business philosophy of 'respecting customers', ‘developing customer needs’ and 'providing the best products and services'.

A research-oriented company
- Continuous R&D investment of more than 13% on average, compared to sales
- Industry-academic cooperation with domestic and overseas medical institutions in conducting basic and clinical research
- Publication of papers in prominent international journals
- Implementation of national projects
Unique technology
- Related to cross-linking and bio-graft of acellular dermis or the manufacturing method of implant compositions; Technology patent registration: 10 cases / Application: 10 cases
- Replacement of the import-oriented market with the development of domestic technology
Realization of customer needs
- Carved Type / Hydration Type
- Customized product development according to customer needs
• Production in size and shape that is suitable to each disease
• Customized product supply
Professional medical advisory group
- Medical advisory group: comprising of over 30 authoritative experts in each professional field
Challenges to new fields
- Atopy treatment
(product development through the acquisition of Severance hospital technology patent)
- Development of the human tissue fusion bridge device

Yonsei University Medical Center (Medical Director Yoon Do-heum) and skin specialist company L & C Bio Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Hwan-cheol) I went to sign the contract.

[Source : Medical newspaper]