R&D Center

Research field and Performance

L&C BIO Research Center is contributing to the improvement of the quality of human life by developing and supplying innovative healthcare solutions in various fields, including tissue engineering, medical devices and cosmeceuticals, in cooperation with medical professionals.


  • Allograft Technology
  • Asia No.1 Tissue Bank.
    Development of acellural dermal matrix and allogenic bone with various tissue regeneration and tissue reconstruction techniques
  • Xenograft Technology
  • Development of application technology of acellular dermal matrix
  • Medical Device Technology
  • Based on L&C BIO’s original human body tissue processing technology, we developed different human tissue-based medical device manufacturing technology, such as biomaterials for tissue repair, collagen-based tissue supplement materials, biomaterials, biomaterial bones for implantation, deep body wound covering material, bioabsorbable wound covering materials, and absorbable, in-body, hemostatic supplies used in body insertion.
  • Drug Delivery Technology
  • Development of manufacturing technology of implantable medical device using drug delivery technology

Patent registration

  • Jig for freeze-drying a dermal tissue (No. 10-1395712)
  • Dermal tissue graft with the basement membrane layer removed (No. 10-1362402)
  • Dermal tissue graft with multiple penetration formation (No. 10-1362403)
  • Cross-linking manufacturing of particle-type acellular dermis and hyaluronic acid through an electron beam (No. 10-1523878)
  • Manufacturing method of a composition for cross-linking, living body implantation, or insertion of acellular dermis(No. 10-1650273)
  • Manufacturing method of a composition for living body implantation, in which the particle-type acellular dermis and the hyaluronic acid are cross-linked (No. 10-1729127)
  • Acellular Dermal Matrix used multi penetration (9532866, USA)

Carry out government task

  • Selected as a technology innovation development project (Small and Medium Business Administration, 2013)
    : Project name _ Development of heterogeneous acellular dermis using non-septic manipulation technique and different dermis processing technique
  • Selected as a technology development project related to medical diagnosis (Small and Medium Business Administration, 2013)
    : Title _ Development of homogenous dermis with enhanced bio-preservability by particle type and crosslinking technology
  • Selected as a G-STAR enterprise promotion project (Gyeonggi-do, 2013)
    : Project name _ Development of skin substitute materials using Korean pork
  • Support for SME technology development - Selected as a technology development project linking overseas demand sources (Small and Medium Business Administration, 2014)
    : Project name _ Development of non-cell homogenous dermis and filler with 50% increase in biocompatibility and preservability by crosslinking with hyaluronic acid
  • Support for SME technology development - Selected as a technology innovation development project (Small and Medium Business Administration, 2015)
    : Project name _ Development of next generation thermosensitive gel type adhesion inhibitor to form collagen-based biodegradable barrier
  • Selected as a technology development project of Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do Economic Science Promotion Agency, 2016)
    : Project name _ Development of high purity human collagen for the treatment of pain and osteoarthritis
  • Selected as an innovative technology development business (Small and Medium Business Administration, 2017)
    : Project name _ Development of a hydration-type cell-free allogeneic dermis medical device optimized for breast reconstruction following breast cancer surgery

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